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the adam kadmon by m1thr0s

In this exciting new series designed around the thesis of Abrahadabra and Mutational Alchemy, important occult secrets are revealed in a long series of clear, concise alchemical proofs. These will be used in the Abrahadabra Academy curriculum work and they are a historically important part of The Abrahadabra Institute. m1thr0s’s work has spanned almost 50 years of research. The Adam Kadmon series represents a distillation of current research and knowledge under his authority.

adam kadmon 002, 003, 004
adam kadmon 002 (tree of life), 003 (hidden diamond), 004 (completion) 5×7″ (12.7 cm x 17.78 cm) triptych set $150 includes certificate of authenticity, in special solid wood and linen frames!


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alchemical gold hidden diamond by m1thr0s & izi ningishzidda


alchemical gold hidden diamond
izi ningishzidda
digital one-off (sold) 

This glyph, rediscovered on our Abrahadabra Forums, is the most potent image to come out of the last hundred or so years of occult science. It places emphasis on the coordinate of knowledge, Da’ath on the Sephiroth or Tree of Life. Meditations involving this glyph will be explained soon through The Abrahadabra Institute’s curriculum.